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First Day of Ramadan!

It is officially the first day of Ramadan! Ramadan Mubarak everyone. I pray that Allah (SWT) makes this month easy and successful for you. Welcome to all of you who have never fasted before! The first time can be a little overwhelming but you’ve got this!

Due to lockdown here in London, I’m practically stuck at home aside from the daily afternoon visits to my grandmother-in-law. I can’t complain, fasting takes a lot of you and it’s important to ration out your energy throughout the day so you don’t burn out. Not feeling obligated to go anywhere is such a blessing this month. So, what to do instead?

So far, my MIL has cleared one kitchen cabinet to start deep cleaning. My FIL has fixed the lawn mower and tinkered around with his bike. And my husband and I woke up at 10 and are still sitting in bed. Nah, I’m playing. We did wake up at 10 but we’ve managed to be a little productive. Our room has been tidied, laundry washed and hung out to dry, tested out a new rack to service the motorbike, and returned to bed to work on our computers.

Part of me wishes that I had saved most of my cleaning and organizing projects for this month rather than tackling them during last week’s make up fasts. Hindsight is 20/20. But now I get to focus on the more fun stuff! Today I’m dedicating time to write, begin course assignments, and work on my Ramadan goals. This way I can still be productive but save my physical energy for this evening.

One thing I will say for all my new Muslims is to avoid extended periods of time in the sun. And by extended, I mean more than 5 minutes. I thought sitting out to soak in the rays a bit would make me feel better last week and I came away with a throbbing headache, exhaustion, and intense thirst. It’s not even hot here. The best time to get fresh air is during a light stroll in the evening after Asr. The sun is lower in the sky and definitely not as intense.

That’s pretty much it for my first day of Ramadan. What do you have planned today?


4 thoughts on “First Day of Ramadan!

  1. Great post!! I live in Chester and the weather here is getting pretty hot which makes it a tiny bit harder but not as bad as other countries this month! Cooking is definitely challenging as we can’t even taste the food so it’s all a guessing game 😂

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    • Thank you so much! ☺️ Yes, alhamdulillah we’re so blessed! I don’t know what I’d do if I had to be somewhere hot right now. I’d melt 😂 what’s it like in Chester? I haven’t been up that way. And I agree with you on the cooking. I’ve already ruined a couple of dishes 🤦🏼‍♀️

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      • Hahaha dont worry, first day of Ramadan I over cooked the rice! hehe but its not too bad in Chester, the weather has been pretty good, just a few odd rainy days but that’s England for you lol xx

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      • 😂😂 at least it makes for a good story! And ok, I’m glad you guys are getting some good weather! It took me ages to get used to all the rain here!


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