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Ramadan Countdown Day 4

Assalaamu alaikum, lovelies!

Thank you for joining me once again for day 4 of our Ramadan Countdown! Today I want to talk about how we can set up our phones for Ramadan. I know that we discussed curating our playlists and social media feeds, but this goes even deeper. Especially now with the pandemic going on, most of us in lockdown, and Ramadan beginning in a few days, we will most likely be on our phones more than ever. How can we use this tool to make sure we stay focused on deen?

Below I’ve put together a list of really helpful apps to download. Check it out!

1) Muslim Pro

This one has to be one of my favourites and one that I recommend to everyone. It is a central hub for almost everything you could want. It has the Quran in not only the Arabic script, but also the English transliteration and translation. The text is also recorded so you can press the button by each individual ayat to hear the recitation (you can also customize this). You can also choose from practically any translation of the Quran that you wish and choose what type of script the surats will be written in.

There is also a qibla finder, prayer times that play an optional adhan, an Islamic calendar with the important Islamic dates listed, duas, a zakat calculator, Allah’s (SWT) 99 names and their meanings, a digital tasbih, Hajj/Umrah guides, a prayer tracker, a community forum, a live stream from Makkah, and more.

2) Quran Pro

This is my second favourite app! To begin you can choose between a dark mode or a light mode and you can also choose your default language. It has versions of the Quran in French, English, Indonesian, Turkish, and Urdu. I love this app because you can listen to Quran recited by many different people. While most of it is the traditional Arabic recitation, there are also audio translations in French, English, and Urdu. You can also download your own playlists or the ones they’ve created to listen to offline.

3) Daily Hadith

This app is really simple but a nice little reminder during the day. As you can probably guess from the title, each day you receive a different hadith to read. You can choose which language you’d like the hadiths to be written in and you can share them with friends and families as well.

4) Salat Learning & Step by Step Salat

These were the first apps I downloaded when I was trying to learn how to pray. If you are struggling or still trying to memorize all the different steps and things to say, these are the apps for you. They provides graphics of how to perform each step, the transliteration of what to say, the meaning of what you’re saying, and videos to give a more in-depth demonstration.

The Step by Step Salat app goes a little more in depth so I’ve found that I prefer that one.

5) Quran Companion

Yes, this is another Quran app but what makes this one different is it’s also designed to help you learn how to read it. It comes with games, challenge, guided lesson plans, and learning techniques to help you with memorization.

6) MuzMatch

Ok, I know that the purpose of Ramadan is not to be focused on the opposite sex, but I’m leaving it here for those of you with Tinder hiding in your finances folder on your phone. Yeah, that’s right. I know all about that. It’s kind of obvious why Tinder and apps like it shouldn’t be on your phone during Ramadan. I mean, you do you, but there’s nothing good on them. On MuzMatch there are still people up to no good, but  you also find a lot more people with good intentions and it’s much easier to set up boundaries. Your profile has to go through review every time a new photo or info is uploaded which ensures that modesty is upheld and no one posts inappropriate things. If you’re looking to get married, this is a really good app. They actually boast 3,000 marriages so far!

7) Muslim Central

This app is chock full of Islamic lectures of all sorts. If you don’t want to download the app, you can also search the name on Spotify where you’ll find they have an entire playlist of stuff to listen to as well. I like having this app on hand because if I’m in the mood to listen to or watch something, it’s much easier to access good content on this platform than it is on YouTube. I always get distracted by skincare videos on YouTube so this is helpful for me.

8) Labayk & theShukran

If you’re trying to make your social media usage more halal and connect with other Muslims, these two apps are social media platforms targeted towards you. I have not used them myself and they are quite new and don’t seem to run as smoothly as the mainstream apps. So if you download them and they’re awful, please don’t hate me! They seem quite interesting, though and from what I’ve read on the reviews, you’re not able to contact people directly on theShukran so no worries about creepy DMs.

9) Investing

I’ve been on the search for good halal investing apps for those of you who are interested, and there seem to be quite a few. As I’m no expert in this field, I’ve linked to a website that actually lists these apps and their features out so that you can see what works best for you.

10) Muslim 3D

This app is a 3D exploring game. So far into playing it, it doesn’t seem like you can do much but walk around and explore the area but there are portals to different parts of  Makkah and interesting facts along the way. Definitely interesting if you haven’t been for Umrah or Hajj yet!

Let me know what you think of these apps in the comments below! What are your favourite apps during Ramadan?