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Coming Clean

It’s been 2 years since I became Muslim. My parents were cool with it as well as my siblings. The only two people that I kept putting off telling were my grandparents. So long story short, 3 days ago I told them what was up. And they disowned me.

It’s a weird feeling being disowned, especially when it comes at you through text while you’re standing in a mile-long que outside a Tesco’s. I couldn’t even cry properly. And then I proceeded to wander around the store aimlessly for the next 2 hours. I completely forgot what I had even come to shop for.

I feel strangely happy now, though. Telling my grandparents the truth was freeing. I won’t go into the grisly details, but it was the right time. Hiding who I was from part of my family was so stressful. The only reason I waited so long was because I knew they wouldn’t take it well and I was scared.

But them disowning me was the worst thing that could have happened and it happened. I don’t have to censor myself or worry about what my family thinks of me anymore. And now I can finally change my voicemail greeting to say my new name.

It really is the little things, huh?

For all my reverts out there, have you told the people around you yet? How did you feel? I’d love to read your stories in the comments below!

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Ramadan Countdown Day 5

Assalaamu alaikum, lovelies!

Welcome to day 5 of the Ramadan Countdown. That’s right, ladies (and gentlemen). 5 more days until the best month of the year is upon us once again!

Today I want to talk about another really important thing to do before we begin the month of fasting and that is to ask for forgiveness. This is a simple one but so important to a successful Ramadan. Take time to ask forgiveness from Allah (SWT) for any bad deeds you’ve done throughout the years. And as painful as it may be, reach out to people whom you’ve wronged in even the smallest ways and ask for forgiveness. If you have beef with someone, be the first to put your sword down and own up to your part in the issue.

This doesn’t mean that you have to resume toxic relationships or let people walk all over you, though. If someone has wronged you and the relationship has been rightfully severed, then there is no need for you to ask for forgiveness. But this is also a time to forgive others or at least work on getting to the point where we can.

Being a Muslim isn’t just about doing good deeds on the outside. It’s also about doing the work to make sure our hearts are in the right place as well. Starting off Ramadan with a heart that is forgiving and compassionate towards others, as well as one that is humble is a really great start. It takes courage to face someone and say that you were wrong. It’s embarrassing but it’s also really freeing. Be honest, be genuine, and resolve to grow and leave that deed behind.

For more on asking forgiveness, check out this article out on IslamQA!

See you guys tomorrow for day 4, insha’Allah!